The Lift-Mate is a forklift snow plow designed to work with your fork lift.
The Practical Solution to Your Winter Problems


The Benefits of using a Lift-Mate are astounding...


  • Lift-Mate was designed for your forklift.  You can use equipment you already have!
  • Trip springs prevent damage from obstacles and rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Less downtime waiting for daytime snow removal - time is money!
  • Easy angling and back grade abilities allow you to go where your forklifts go.
  • SAVES YOUR COMPANY MONEY on outside snow removal services.


The Lift-Mate Forklift Snowplow has been meticulously crafted to stand up to winter's worst

weather.  The Lift-Mate Forklift Snowplow gives you top notch performance and saves you

money over the course of your investment.  We have worked overtime to provide you

with the highest quality and most reliable Forklift Snowplow.




Using Components that Work


  • Constructed with 3/16" roll plate with steel ribs to reinforce stress points
  • Cutting edge is 1/2" x 6" hardened steel; mass and strength ensure easy, clean snow removal for years to come.
  • Simple, smooth angling apparatus allows operator to use plow wherever necessary.
  • All locking pins and bolts are grade five hardened steel.


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